€1100 freezeout e €330 turbo

On Saturday I woke up early, did 1 hour of exercise and I had fish for lunch.
Then I went to play the €1100 freezeout at 14:00 and I'll tell you the main plays!

Play #1:

I believe I made a mistake during a play post-flop against Liv Boeree.

I think we were 100bb deep, she raises utg 3BB, I have AK on the button and I raise to 9BB. The flop comes JJ4 and I check, turn 4 and I bet another 10BB and she calls. River blank check check. I  probably should have fired 2-3 bullets or just check/fold until the river. In any case, my play was the worst possible. Her range as a general rule should be pairs inferior to KK or inferior to QQ, something like 22-JJ or 22-QQ, on the flop I think that she would never fold to a cbet, but I also think that she wouldn't check-raise, so if I made a cbet, I would see 2 more cards without putting any more chips in. By betting on the turn, I risked her betting the turn in which case I would have to fold. The option of 2-3 bullets seems more complicated, because I don't know how she sees me... you can't imagine how complicated it is to play with a patch that says "online". Anyway, on the turn I put her to 55-TT and she showed 99. I didn't lose a lot, but I believe I missplayed.

Play #2:

40BB deep. New loose player raises from the cutoff, new loose button reraises and I, having 6000 chips, make a 4bet for nearly 2000 with A5s, the cutoff folds and the button goes allin. I thought he had a worst hand than mine so I called... J7s and I hold :P

Play #3:

UTG with 25BB limps and there are 3 more limpers. I was on the button with A5o and I had strong reason to believe that the utg was not slowplaying. I raise 8BB and the UTG goes allin... everyone folds, I call and he shows KTo. Unfortunately I lost.

Play #4:

I had 6000 chips, blinds 75-150. Weak player raises from MP and I make a 3bet for 1k with ATo from the button. The SB does something that tells me that he was considering to make a play against me and ends up announcing allin with more chips than me. The inicial raisor folds and I go with my read that was strong and I call. He shows KTo!!! Unfortunately I lost :(

I had to adapt to the ranges of these players, because otherwise they wouldn't let me play, but I was very happy with plays #2,3 and 4. You are starting to get what I mean when I say that it's complicated to play with a patch that says "online", aren't you? :P

At the turbo tournament, there were 30 players (it paid to top 10) and I have 14BB on the BB. A player makes a miniraise and another player calls. I have 33 and decide to just call. (With the antes and the money that was already in the pot it can't be awful).
Flop A39.
I check being in the dark, the UTG goes allin, the other one goes allin on top of the first and I can't fold a set 14BB deep, right? :)
One of them shows AJ and the other 99

Turn J

River A


It was an interesting day as you can see :)

FPPS for charity324,667 ($5,236)

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enzoen said...

hola me gustaria que me agregues en tu blog siempre te e seguido en tus historias. yo ya te agregue.