€1100 freezeout e €330 turbo

On Saturday I woke up early, did 1 hour of exercise and I had fish for lunch.
Then I went to play the €1100 freezeout at 14:00 and I'll tell you the main plays!

Play #1:

I believe I made a mistake during a play post-flop against Liv Boeree.

I think we were 100bb deep, she raises utg 3BB, I have AK on the button and I raise to 9BB. The flop comes JJ4 and I check, turn 4 and I bet another 10BB and she calls. River blank check check. I  probably should have fired 2-3 bullets or just check/fold until the river. In any case, my play was the worst possible. Her range as a general rule should be pairs inferior to KK or inferior to QQ, something like 22-JJ or 22-QQ, on the flop I think that she would never fold to a cbet, but I also think that she wouldn't check-raise, so if I made a cbet, I would see 2 more cards without putting any more chips in. By betting on the turn, I risked her betting the turn in which case I would have to fold. The option of 2-3 bullets seems more complicated, because I don't know how she sees me... you can't imagine how complicated it is to play with a patch that says "online". Anyway, on the turn I put her to 55-TT and she showed 99. I didn't lose a lot, but I believe I missplayed.

Play #2:

40BB deep. New loose player raises from the cutoff, new loose button reraises and I, having 6000 chips, make a 4bet for nearly 2000 with A5s, the cutoff folds and the button goes allin. I thought he had a worst hand than mine so I called... J7s and I hold :P

Play #3:

UTG with 25BB limps and there are 3 more limpers. I was on the button with A5o and I had strong reason to believe that the utg was not slowplaying. I raise 8BB and the UTG goes allin... everyone folds, I call and he shows KTo. Unfortunately I lost.

Play #4:

I had 6000 chips, blinds 75-150. Weak player raises from MP and I make a 3bet for 1k with ATo from the button. The SB does something that tells me that he was considering to make a play against me and ends up announcing allin with more chips than me. The inicial raisor folds and I go with my read that was strong and I call. He shows KTo!!! Unfortunately I lost :(

I had to adapt to the ranges of these players, because otherwise they wouldn't let me play, but I was very happy with plays #2,3 and 4. You are starting to get what I mean when I say that it's complicated to play with a patch that says "online", aren't you? :P

At the turbo tournament, there were 30 players (it paid to top 10) and I have 14BB on the BB. A player makes a miniraise and another player calls. I have 33 and decide to just call. (With the antes and the money that was already in the pot it can't be awful).
Flop A39.
I check being in the dark, the UTG goes allin, the other one goes allin on top of the first and I can't fold a set 14BB deep, right? :)
One of them shows AJ and the other 99

Turn J

River A


It was an interesting day as you can see :)

FPPS for charity324,667 ($5,236)

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€2150 -> :'(

On Thursday when I went to sleep I had quite a lot of cafeine in my blood and I couldn't stop thinking about what I could have done differently in order to win the tournament. Therefore, I didn't get much sleep. That had an impact on my performance at the €2150  freezeout on Friday.

In the meanwhile, at every tournament that I play, I learn something new and that is priceless (or maybe not... in this case it was 2150 for the lesson :P). Maybe that means that I'm inexperienced, which is something that I won't deny, but until we start getting some experience... we all are!

My girlfriend said that I sounded happier on the phone after losing the €2150 tournament, than the day before that I got 3rd place at the €1100... I believe it has to do with the fact that losing before making it in the money is the most common case and since there aren't many "title shots", I'm feeling quite disapointed when I get one but I don't manage to win. It's one of those things that only someone who has finished in 1rst, and 2nd/3rd place in tournaments is able to understand.

On Saturday I planned to play the €1100 freezeout and if it went bad in the first 5h, I wanted to play the €330 turbo.

I'm starting to think that the turbos without bounties is a format with tendancy to desappear and be replaced by the turbos with bounties. That's because the second format is more fun, more interesting and there is more skill involved... it's an easy choice.

FPPS for charity324,667 ($5,236)

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Side Events

Yesterday I slept until late, watched a movie and went to the gym of the hotel for about an hour or so. After that I took a shower, had a salad for lunch and went to the casino.

I played the turbo bounty of 1100 and I finished in 3rd place.
(Photo: Neil Stoddart)

It was a tournament that lasted until 2 o'clock in the morning, we spent most of the time playing with 8-15BB and I think that's where my edge is bigger, although it has of course an enormous variance. My last 3 all-ins were 60-40 and I lost them. I admit that I got out of the casino feeling a bit down, but at tournaments there is only one winner and what happens most of the times is that we don't win.

Sill I won 8470 + 600 from the bounties, so it was a very good day. I am slowly increasing my winnings at live tournaments :)

Today I'm playing the 2150 freezeout, and then I'll make a post about how it went.

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EPT Viena - Day 1

Two days ago was the 1st day of EPT Vien and unfortunately I didn't survive until the end of the day.

I got unlucky with my stong hands; QQ, KK pre-flop, sets and 2 pairs on the flop. I didn't win the pot in any of them :(

I'm still missing a bit of self-control in certain situations, I need to stop thinking "why is he doing this?". But I think that when I fix that, the results will improve significantly!

I also played a 430 turbo bounty, but I think I played flawless and I just had a lot of bad luck.

FPPS for charity324,667 ($5,236)

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This Wednesday I had a downswing of quite a lot of buy-ins at the $130, which is at the moment the highest stake I play.

As I didn't manage to sleep at a decent time, I only slept 4 hours before the cleaning lady rung the bell on Wednesday morning. I could have gone back to bed, get up late and play a bit after, but I decided to break that rythm. I stayed awake all day long!

I ended up playing magic the whole day, since it's something that keeps me awake and it's interesting. Of course I played really bad, since I practically had no sleep, but... does it matter? :)
It was funny to see the 1rst player I played against call me donk after losing from me.
At least in Magic the community is less harsh than at online poker, people don't  wish you cardiac arrests, cancer or death. There are only small insults!

Today I woke up early in the morning without an alarm and I have to tell you... there's something special in waking up early and having the feeling that the whole day is ahead!

Back when I was studying, I thought I was more a person of the night, I enjoyed waking up in the afternoon and I only went to sleep with the first light of the sun. Now it's the opposite... Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I am a rebellious mind and I like to do the opposite of everyone else. When I was at university, the normal thing was to go to classes in the morning and early afternoon, now that I play poker full time, the normal is to start playing online championships late in the afternoon, some of them even after dinner and eventually stay up all night.

Why does that matter? It doesn't. It wasn't even a great morning, but I felt quite alive, with all the day ahead of me and infinite possibilities!

Maybe I will cut down on the $130 on Wednesday and try to have a more "normal" schedule... or is it going to be more "different"? It depends on the standards that each one of us has, but you understand, don't you? :)

I have been going to the gym, but I still haven't had my physical evaluation in order to make a plan. It seems that always when I get an appointment, something unpredicted will happen and I miss it. The next one is scheduled for November, and maybe this time I will go one hour before or something like that just to be sure that I'll be there on time!
Until I get my plan, I have been attending classes that are focusing on balance and when I go out of class time, I do one hour of cardio and some abs as I mentioned in a previous post.

At the gym I go to every one gets their own locker and the other day while I was in the locker room, a man opens his locker and keeps staring inside. Up until that point all good, but then he starts smiling and closes it. He opens the one right next to it with the same key and then I realized what was happening, started smiling too and talked with him about it.
The first one was not his locker, but it had a chinese lock too so... the key was compatible. I looked around and saw that there was at least one more lock with the same chinese logo...
If there is anything I don't want to be universal and compatible, that's a lock, so it's worth to pay a bit more to get one with a unique key or one with a code. I use a lock with a code, it only has 1000 combinations, but I believe that if someone tries to open my locker they would probably be caught, so I feel that my trousers and shoes are relatively secure!

As for the digital world...

If you still haven't watched Phil Helmut's scene at "The Big Game", go watch it!

There were also some changes at the VIP System at PokerStars at the beginning of this month. The biggest part of them concerns cash games players, but there was one that was important for all players. Now, when we change FPPs for a money bonus, the money automatically appears on the account, it's no longer necessary to unblock the bonus. What this means is that the FPPs at PokerStars gain even more liquidity and that's great for all players!

To finish this post... Watch this video and leave a comment with your opinion.

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Summary of the week

Last week I had some bumps, but for now I am still slightly positive pre-points this month.

I usually don't talk about badbeats at my blog, but this one is hard not to mention, since it's probably the worst that I've had in my life:

According to PokerStove we are talking about a situation of 1.51% where we had the same stack more or less at the bubble!

Also, here is the hand of the week:

PokerStars No-Limit Hold'em, 88 Tournament, 50/100 Blinds 20 Ante (4 handed) - Poker-Stars Converter Tool from FlopTurnRiver.com

SB (t710)
BB (t590)
acoimbra (UTG) (t135)
Button (t1565)

acoimbra's M: 0.59

Preflop: acoimbra is UTG with 
acoimbra calls t100, 1 fold, SB calls t50, BB checks

Flop: (t380)  (3 players)
SB checks, BB checks, acoimbra checks

Turn: (t380)  (3 players)
SB checks, BB checks, acoimbra checks

River: (t380)  (3 players)
SB checks, BB checks, acoimbra bets t15 (All-In), 2 folds

Total pot: t380
Main pot: t380 returned to acoimbra

acoimbra didn't show 7, 5 (nothing).
Outcome: acoimbra won t380

Las week I didn't manage to go to the gym as much as I wanted, I had to stay at home two mornings because of furniture delivery and the cleaning lady. By the end of the week I had done 2 hours of cardio and 1h pilates, so it wasn't all that bad.

I hope you liked the HHs and I'll see you at PokerStars!

FPPS for charity251,045 ($4,049)

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