Saturday, 11th September 2010

Weekend is a word that has a different meaning for different kinds of people. In my case, it usually means more work!

On Saturday there are normally those VIP tournaments at PokerStars, where there are satellites with extra entries for the Poker Tours that they are sponsoring and some freerolls where PokerStars offers the prizepool. When I was building my bankroll, I was playing a lot of freerolls and only a few satellites, since playing a live tournament did not seem very appealing to me, but any boost in my bankroll was quite significant. Nowadays, my preference is playing satellites. That happens because with some rare exceptions, the potential bankroll boost is not significant enough and the live tournaments are more interesting for me.

Today I will play the Supernova+ satellite for EPT London and the WCOOP-19 at 18, which costs $109 and has 10 minutes blinds.

On Sunday there are the Sunday Majors (duh!) and even though I'm not playing those, there is always a lot of action at their satellites, so it ends up being another obligatory working day of the week, since it's the day with the biggest volume of work. Tomorrow I will play the WCOOP-21 ($215) that is the current substitute of the Sunday-Warmup. That one also stars at 18h.

As I'm working more during the weekends, I have a looser schedule during the week. Even though I'm playing everyday, I've been playing 4-6 hours per day.

If I don't feel like playing, then I don't play. It might sound selfish, but the truth is that for me at least, playing without feeling like it is EV-. That is, cause when I usually play without wanting to, I end up thinking about what I'd like to do next and not what I am doing at that particular moment.

In any case, if we take 5h, 6 days per week plus 8 hours on Sundays, that's 38 hours. How many people work 38 hours per week without counting lunch breaks? I don't know many, even though I do know some. Apart from that, you all know that I spend some time keeping you updated and responding at the comments of my blog!

Careful, I'm not complaining. I chose my own path and I'm very proud of fighting for this kind of liberty! I only wanted to share a bit of what I do when it comes to working schedules. Leave a comment with your playing/working/grinding schedule!

I had a few comments asking about the gym. I have already subscribed to a gym in my neighbourhood and I will start next week. The ideal would be to go to some classes of the gym, but I don't know yet what my WCOOP schedule will allow me to do. I will probably skip the classes for now and do more cardio. In any case, something is better than nothing!

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