The past few days I haven't been updating the blog, because I was trying to change my sleeping schedule and  as a general rule I was feeling tired. Yesterday I managed to sleep a bit during the day and I finally recovered the forces necessary to write. The reason why I changed my schedule is the WCOOP main event, which starts Sunday at 22h. The day before yesterday I was awake until 9 am and I slept all day long, with a pause for a late lunch. An advantage of doing this was being able to see the sun rising in the horizon. It's something amazing that I regret not being able to do everyday, since it's at 7 am.

I was slightly mistaken on my prevision about the points, I only have 118k VPPs this month. Playing some MTTs had a negative impact on the number of points I gained, because I spent time on those and was feeling more tired. However, I am satisfied with the results of the tournaments.

2 years ago I had $200 and a force of will far above the average.
1 year ago I had one more digit in my bankroll and goals that were very ambicious for the national reality at that point.
Today I have less force of will than 2 years ago, less goals than a year ago, but I continue to be ambicious and I have a quality of life that I didn't have before. In reality, the goal I have today is to optimize my hourly rate, so as to be able to have more free time for the rest. To resume, I have been playing less hours, but every hour has more value each time!

I never had an ITM finish in a live tournament and in 3 tournaments I managed to make 2 ITMs and get $51k!
As during the past years, this year also I managed to increase my bankroll by 1 digit, but I don't know if I'll make it again next year. It's just something I'm curious about, but not one of my goals.

As for the VPPs, I have 762k VPPs this year, or to put it in another way I need to win a bit less than 80k VPPs/month for the rest 3 months of the year. Unless something unexpected happens, you can consider it done ^^

During the past week I cut down on MTTs a bit. I reached the conclusion that they are EV- for me, because I was playing them without really feeling like it. It doesn't make any sense waking up at 10 in the morning, playing 6-8 hours of sit-n-gos to play an mtt after that can potentially last 10 hours. On a subconscious level I want to go to sleep and that's bad. I will continue to play mtts of course.

Today I'm playing the WCOOP-26* ($5200), but I will play it with a lot of will and with a clear mind.
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*The SuperNova Elites get a free entrance to the WCOOP main event.

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