League of andrecoimbra.com Results

Last week was the end of the summer league of andrecoimbra.com and the final results are as follows:


Congratulations to nezzi77 who was the leader since the first tournament and received a $215 PokerStars ticket for winnining the League.

KingAfonso that got 2nd place was supposed to get a ticket worth $55, but since there are no $55 tournaments at the WCOOP, he received a ticket of $109 to play the WCOOP at PokerStars.
(I didn't have any complaints from him yet, so I guess he was satisfied :P)

Chilipe22 was in 3rd place and got an $11 ticket.

Congratulations to itaka_rolm who in a total of 13 tournaments, was ITM 6 times!
There were several stories of people that with the $11 tickets that they received managed to get one of the prizes in the Sunday 1/4 Million.
I hope that nezzi77, KingAfonso and chilipe22 will also go far with these 3 tickets from the league!

This month, since there is the WCOOP, I will not organize any tournaments. Maybe I will do it next month, but for the moment I don't have anything planned.

Congratulations as well to cmpjo for winning $260,289.79 at WCOOP-03. At this point where there is a general crisis, it's important to be proud of Portuguese such as cmpjo. He overcame an enormous field, made it through a 20h marathon of play and got an extraordinary prize for Portugal!

Make the best of these tournaments of the WCOOP to increase your bankroll!

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