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Sunday, 12th September 2010

Some months ago I was playing a lot of tournaments from the Steps system at PokerStars, gaining multiple tickets for the Final Step/6.

Last month I started using those tickets of the final step for the mail event of the WCOOP. Since the main event of the WCOOP is an online event, PokerStars allows to register and receive the correspondent entry in money for tournaments.

I've already spent all the tickets!

The value of each ticket is $2100. I won 4 ($5200), got ITM in another one ($1200) and lost 3 (0). After summing it up I got profit :)

I'm having a downswing at the hyper-turbos, but with the quantity of hands that I play per hour, it's a thing of 2-3 days at maximum. I also need to take a day off to study the game a bit, but today it's Sunday so it can't be today. It will be sometime during next week.

Today I woke up and I had breakfast while answering mails and blog comments. The day was kind of sad with fog covering the landscape. Had it not been the weekend, I would have gone back to my bed (in this case the floor), but since it is weekend, I opened 20 tables of satellites and started my day :)

I've already been writing this post for an hour, but I'm trying to write and play 20 tables of hyper-turbos at the same time :P

The plan for today will be to play a loooooooot of satellites and after those, the WCOOP-21. I would also love to play the WCOOP-22 with 30 minutes blinds, but unfortunately that won't be possible after a day full of work.

2010 World Championship of Online Poker
Try to play these WCOOP tournaments, they are great. If you are not able to pay the entry fee, check out the satellites running all day long, there is great value there.

I will try to keep you updated through facebook. See you at the tables at PokerStars.

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