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Thursday, 15th September 2010

I have played for some hours, rested a bit and I made an effort so that what I'm doing is really what I want to be doing. Like, if after playing 1 hour, I feel like taking a break, I stop opening tables and I go rest. After resting, I go back to playing with a clear mind and more will.

This profession has certain disadvantages, such as never having a month of vacation, but it also has the advantage of controlling one's schedule and working pace. Of course, if I don't work I don't make anything, which is why I need to balance everything.

I slightly changed my way of playing the last days, deviating a bit from the ICM. These were small changes in the philosophy of the game that I think will increase my expected value. The funny part was when I realized what I was doing wrong. On one hand I was thinking "how didn't I realize this before?" and on the other hand it was this "Eureka"* sensation of discovering something. Anyway... I think that my ROI will go up a bit, but let's wait and see. The important thing is when a person is constantly evolving, because otherwise they will be left behind.

Some posts ago I wrote:

"Try to play these WCOOP tournaments, they are great. If you are not able to pay the entry fee, check out the satellites running all day long, there is great value there."

Vitor, a follower of this blog, left the following comment:

"Hi André: I come to share with you a weekend of success because I consider that part of it I owe to your example. I won two entries for the WCOOP 22 and 38 at the satellites 5,5 and 16$ with rebuys (of $530 each)..."

Vitor, with an investment that I guess must have been less than $100, managed to get T$1060 at the satellites at PokerStars! He unregistered, since it wouldn't be good bankroll management to play tournaments that have so high buy-ins, and I imagine he will play in spring during the SCOOP that has lower buy-ins.

As you can see, I was right about what I said! If you can't play the events, play the satellites cause there is a lot of value to get out of them!

*Don't say "Eu-ré-ca" in front of the Greeks cause the correct word is something like "É-vri-ca". Things you learn when having a greek girlfriend...

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