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Thursday, 9th September 2010


Yesterday I played around 400 tournaments, including two step6 ($2100) and the HUs WCOOP ($215). The sit-n-go's went well, but in the other tournaments I didn't make it to the prizes. At the step6s I had some bad luck and I think that I played well overall. At the WCOOP I was playing but I didn't really feel like playing it and that made a difference.

This morning I was the host of event #11 of the WCOOP and I almost saw a colleague of my team winning a gold bracelet. Stevesbet finished in 2nd place after dominating the final table for most of the time. Congratulations!

I spent 4 hours watching the final table and I learnt something about the format called "Ante Up". For those of you who don't know it, it's a format where instead of the blinds going up, it's the antes that increase. At some point the blinds were 5-5 and the antes 15k! Sincerely, I can think of this format being the future of Poker, cause the gameplay is more complex.

The impression I got from it, is that the difference is at the pre-flop plays, where it's more like the other streets and less like the traditional pre-flop. The raises were normally a 30-70% of the pot and were not superior than the pot as it happens normally in other formats.

Today, I will play the WCOOP-13 and the WCOOP-14. Also, I plan to play satellites, to optimize my time. I know that it's not the best thing as far as my performance at the MTTs is concerned, but if I stop playing now it will be hard to make it to SuperNova Elite this year and that is something I want to do. Generally, I want to give priority to my sit-n-gos this month, but I will try to play some MTTs in the meanwhile. With the exception of the main event, where I will only be playing that tournament. An MTT of $5200 needs my full attention! :P

2010 wcoop schedule

The WCOOP-13 starts at 17:00 and the WCOOP at 19:00. You can follow me on PokerStars!

I am also considering to play more EPTs this year, but I haven't decided what to do yet. London is a possibility, I could pay with FPPs, but maybe I should take this month to play online. I'm saying this, cause at the end of September I will lose the SNE status and the difference in points is equivalent to a 12% decrease of rb for October. What would you do if you were me?


I like cooking a lot, but lately I have been eating at the restaurant next to my building. This may sound a bit strange, but in my case, cooking is a luxury. What I make in 10 minutes playing would pay for a meal at the restaurant and I never spend less than 20-30 minutes when cooking.

I usually don't eat fish when I'm with my girlfriend cause she doesn't like it, so now that she is not here, I have been eating fish at every meal and I have been feeling pretty good :)


Do you remember the challenge that I set for myself some months ago where I tried to make $60k in 60 Days? Well, the prize of the challenge (apart from the $60k hehe) was a new mobile phone. As I needed one to put updates while at the EPT, I bought one a few days before the tournament. My choice was a Samsung Galaxy S (400). It costs 600 if you want it to be unlocked and you don't have to sign a contract with any company, but getting a locked one for 400 was a no brainer. I'm very satisfied with the phone and if I compare it to the iPhone that I have for some years, I feel that the Samsung one is by far my favourite. I noticed that it's a lot easier to write on the phone and the Android* system is very pleasant.

*I installed version 2.2 (Froyo), cause 2.1 was rebooting all the time, but with version 2.2 it's fine.

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