EPT Vilamoura Day 3

I explained in a video for the english PokerStars blog what I was expecting for day 3.

The 3rd day started well, I went up to 550k chips, but later on I started feeling a bit uncomfortable at the table. There were many calls to my bets pre flop and post flop, fold equity only on the turn...

The key hands were the following:

62o where I gave a 4bet allin on the bubble to put pressure and I got a call with 99. I think the problem of the play was that the 4bet became an allin with a hand that was so small. That, because, even if he thought I had something, it's very possible that he would put me in a small pair and that would be an easy call for him. I made the play because I thought he was very uncomfortable with the 3 bet, but in the end I realized that his discomfort was because he was afraid I would call and he would have to play out of position, not because I would make an allin. I lost almost one third of my stack in that play.

AA: where I raised UTG and a very tight player went allin with KK and she got four of a kind. There was nothing to do there. Bad beat.

KQo: The next hand that I played was a KQo on the Sb against the same lady on the Bb. She had 20Bb, which was the effective stack (the smallest one). Allin on the Sb with KQo 20Bb deep is unexploitable... that is, no matter what the range of the person that calls, it's always EV+. Instead of going allin, I bet 3BB without any intention to fold, so as to reduce the empty hands in my plays. She raised me with AKo and we ended up alin on the flop. Cooler

A8o: This was the last hand, I had 40Bb and the player with the 99s gave me his fifth 3bet, out of which 2 had already been folded. This was a mathematic play, very high percentage of 3bets, 40BB... I made a 4bet and paid the allin. He had AKo and I lost.

Pedro Guedes that had 237k in the beggining of the day said that he would always be right behind me, but unfortunately that came true and he lost more or less at the same point as me :(


As for the rest... I lost €600 by giving an instant call with the A8o, cause another player lost less than a minute after me and he was the first of the next level of prizes. That's a flaw to improve in the future! :P

You can also see the video that I did at the end of the day for the english PokerStars blog.

I think that after each live tournament goes by I am stronger and that after a few I will become a more complete player. Apart from being a player with a very strong mathematical base, there are plays that I cannot explain, they just come from what I feel is the correct play.
A good example of that was the play with 85o that everyone keeps asking me if it was a vbet or a bluff.

8.30pm: Coimbra wins 94K chip pot
Dario Majone raised to 1,350 under the gun and Team PokerStars Online's André Coimbra re-raised to 4,000 holding 5♣8♦. Majone called and they saw a3♣9♠5♠ flop. Coimbra lead with a 5,000 bet and Majone made it 12,000. Call. Coimbre made it 16,000 when the K♦ hit the turn and again Majone called. The river was 7♣ and Coimbra makes it 15,000. The Italian counted his chips and finally called showing 4♣4♠. Coimbra is now up to 140.000. -- SY

As there were a lot of followers asking me what I was doing on the river, I thought a lot about this play and at some point I thought that it was more a pair transforming into a bluff. BUT, I know that if I didn't have the 5 in my hand, I wouldn't have bet what I did on the river. Therefore, if without value I don't bluff, it must have been a bet for value. A bit confusing, isn't it?

Let's look at the facts:

1) I was pretty sure that he was weak pre-flop and with the call to a 3bet I put him in a small pair, probably 22-88.

2) On the flop I bet and he raises. In a previous crazy play with the nuts on the turn, he bet small and only on the river where he felt that he would pay a bet, he bet stronger, so that raise on the flop seemed weak to me.

3) Turn K, I bet and he just calls. He had about 32K behind and the pot already was 64k. It gave the impression that he didn't have a great hand, but he didn't believe that I had a K either.

The 7 on the river did not change anything, if he had 77 he was already ahead and I bet 15k with the intention to fold if he went allin. I also do the same when I want to pay the allin, so I have a good equilirium in that play.

To resume... it was a bet for value, even though it was something I did instinctively and not after a mathematical analysis.

This post is getting a bit too long, so it's better to stop explaining hands :)

This EPT was a great learning opportunity and I have a good progression in the tournaments. Even though I didn't make it ITM in Monte Carlo, I won $42K in the World Series and 7.2k in Vilamoura. 2/3 of this year in Main Events!

I hope that you enjoyed following me during the EPT and that I creared out any doubts you might have in this last post about the EPT.

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