Back to business!

As I recently moved to my new house and I had the EPT Vilamoura and the PT Amsterdam of Magic: The Gathering, I have very little free time and didn't put many updates in this blog. I apologize to my readers.

I already talked about Vilamoura in my previous posts, so the only thing missing is Amsterdam.


It was a tournament of Magic: The Gathering but I didn't make it through the first day. I did 3-2 in extended and 1-2 at the Booster draft (yep... my best format).

I don't blame luck for it, because I must have made at least one missplay per game and the Pro Tour is not the place to make so many mistakes. It is difficult to conciliate mtg with my current life, so I didn't have many expectations.

I will try to make some time to practice for the World Championship, it won't be easy, but someone has to go to Japan and defend the title, right? :)


At PokerStars the WCOOP started two days ago, and that's the closest online version of the WSOP. I played event #1, it even started well, but I lost a bit before the bubble. In the slower structures, I start well in the beggining but after that at the point of the bubble more or less it starts going bad... I need to think about what I'm doing wrong.

I'm going to play a lot of satellites for the $215 events and the events that don't start too late.

                                         2010 World Championship of Online Poker

As a member of PokerStars Team Online I will be hosting some final tables: #11, #36, #60. That means I'll be welcoming the players, clearing any doubts related to possible deals to split the prizes and making the experience more pleasant for them.

There is a bonus at PokerStars up to $100, I already got mine yesterday! After an hour and a half I already had it unlocked, so it was basically free $100!

I have 653 VPPs, so I won't make it to 1M (SNE) this month. It's not that it's impossible... but I don't think it's necessary for me to do it. I will get less points until the end of the year, since I lose the status at the end of the month, but I think that the extra stress will not compensate the difference in points of these last months.

If I reach 850k VPPs until the end of the month I will be very happy, but the mail goal is to play ev+ games and optimize my hourly rate.

See you at PokerStars!

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DobleJack said...

te sigo cuando juegas en poker star realmente eres muy bueno, es un placer que le des nivel a america del sur, ojala tengas buenos resultados en la WCOP, si puedes agrega mi blog, suerte y gracias