700k VPPs

Monday, 13th September 2010

(I believe that according to traditional maths these are already 1000+ words)

My sister entered the faculty of Lisbon and until she finds a place closer to university, she will be staying with me. Therefore, yesterday I had company for dinner!

Yesterday was a typical Sunday, very tiring and full of work. When it was time to go to bed, I had too many things on my mind so I couldn't enter the world of dreams just yet. I decided to do what most people do when they can't sleep... I opened a cash game table (8-game) with a few cents at PokerStars and I played for nearly one hour, getting a profit of $5. Then, at around 2 am I managed to sleep.

Today I woke up at 9:30, which is quite unusual, taking into account that I slept at 2. I looked at the gym schedule and I saw that there was a pilates class in the morning and decided to go. I went to the gym on foot, which is close to a 35 minutes walk, and after changing I went where the class took place. There were two women at the door, who were waiting outside due to the heat in the classroom, and two younger girls, all waiting for the teacher. The teacher arrived and the class started. Just so that you picture the situation...: in the room there was me, the teacher and 12 women! I think that I finally understood what my girlfriend must be feeling when we are going to Magic tournaments.

The main goal of the class was to correct the posture and increase the flexibility through exercises of posture and stretches. It's good to be there one hour without thinking about anything apart from the present and that alone is very important today. I liked that class and I will keep attending.

I also went to buy a ram memory for my pc, cause the Poker software has been complaining lately that it hasn't got enough memory to assign to all tables when I have a lot of them open and I think that the problem was lack of ram. Let's see if it improves with an additional 2GB :)

I decided not to play the $200+ hyper-turbos until the end of the year. I learnt a lot during the past week playing them, but I didn't have the best results and my instict tells me not to play them. In the meanwhile, I will continue playing the $88/$90 and $130/$140, I want to keep getting consistent and satisfactory results.

Good cards to everyone!

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