One more milestone

"Some people die at 25 and aren't buried until 75"

Benjamin Franklin

Yesterday I passed 600k VPPs!

As far is Poker is concerned, this month only started 4 days ago, but at the hyper-turbo tournaments without counting points I am losing $7K. It's a normal amount for someone that plays $400 tournaments, but it's frustrating to be constantly losing without knowing if I'm a winner or a loser at those games. What affects me is the uncertainty and not the results. Even so, my self-confidence level is high enough so that I play them next week again, I keep wondering if I should really be playing them.

Some people may think that the fact that I am constantly changing games and stakes may create instability. From my point of view, it indicates a certain dynamic and the will to progress. I like to always change towards the best and I need to experiment to know if it pays off. If you think about it, the only place where one learns without experimenting... is at school!

I think it was important to share these thoughts with my readers since we all try to go up to higher levels and we all have downswings.

Now let's talk about something different... Yesterday I played two step6, I won at one and lost at the other. I also played a step5 and I got 3rd, or to put it differently I stayed at the same level earning another step5 ticket. I had 8 step6 tickets and 1 step5. I was keeping them for this period where there are step6s for the WCOOP main event. I'm doing this because on the contrary of step6s for live tournaments, the step6s for online tournaments allow you to unregister from the tournament that you got the entry for, and you get t$ in return.

When I'm playing important mtts or step6s, I'm posting messages at my Fan Page, go check it out and follow me at PokerStars!

From now on, the password for the Summer league of will be posted on Facebook. Look for it and participate, all the tournaments give a ticket for the Sunday 1/4 Million for everyone that makes it to the final table!!!
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Unknown said...

Hyper turbos r sick. U know that ;)
Good luck in your next shoot.