Las Vegas Wrap-Up

Even though it's almost been a moth since I came back from Las Vegas, I feel it's appropriate to make a wrap-up post about my trip there. The tournament went well, I finished in 311th place and won almost $42000. Too bad that 30% of it is going to taxes! :(

Apart from the tournament going well, I really enjoyed my stay in Las Vegas. Here are some videos that my girlfriend took:

Video 1

In this video, you can see the first swimming pool of the hotel along with the jacuzzi.

Video 2

In this video you can see the second swimming pool of the hotel which is much bigger than the first one, but I didn't like it as much... It was too crowded.

Video 3

As mentioned in a previous post, we took a helicopter ride above the city at night. Here is the video!

And last but not least, here are some pictures of the room PokerStars booked for me for being Supernova Elite:

This has been a great experience! Next stop will be EPT Vilamoura which I'm looking forward to!


Nichoel said...

I love the placement of your patch in your Main Event pic:)

Andre said...

Nichoel: Thank you! Was great to meet you and the other members of the team. Where are the photos you took?