Big Finals of the Summer League

Next Sunday the Summer League of will be over!

12 tournaments have already been completed and since the first one nezzi77 has kept the leadership, is Sunday the day that he will celebrate his victory or not? There are a lot of players in the top10 that can steal the victory of the League from nezzi77 by making a final victory. itaka_rolm made a money finish in half of the tournaments until now, but he still hasn't won one, can he win the finals and the league?

Top10 before the Big Finals

1) nezzi77 ($258)
2) chilipe22 ($220)
3) KingAfonso ($206)
4) itaka_rolm($181)
5) cfc4evaaneva ($163)
6) monkeyboxes($161)
7) OVEGAIN ($159)
8) K1ernestok1 ($141)
9) dedo1972($138)
10) Titinho_11 ($129)

As in the previous tournaments, whoever makes it to the final table, will receive a ticket for the Sunday 1/4th Million!

As for the rest... after finishing the Summer League of, PokerStars will have the WCOOP, which is a mix of tournaments of various formats and values, where the winner receives a bracelet.

I will use my SuperNova Elite ticket to play the Main Event ($5200) and I intend to play various satellites and try to win entries for other tournaments (and play those :P), it's very prestigious to win one of those tournaments.

2010 World Championship of Online Poker

Would you like to play a tournament of the WCOOP, but the buy-in is too expensive for you? Apart from all the satellites available at PokerStars, there will be another chance to win an entry at a discounted price!

PokerStars will give to the winner of the Big Finals of the Summer League of a Ticket that can be used in any $215 tournament of the WCOOP!

The ID and password for the Big Finals are the following:

ID: #299016369
Password: uytyuet

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