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On Saturday I came back from Algarve where I was on vacation with my family, and since I'm a bit late on the VPPs I played both on Saturday and on Sunday.
I played a bit more than 1000 tournaments during the weekend and I finished break even. As for the mtts I won $400 at the trimestral freeroll for SuperNovas and I didn't make it to the prizes at the Sunday tounaments.
I have been updating my Facebook fanpage with information about the tournaments that I'm playing and some followers have been supporting me while I was playing. Thank you!

This week I will reach the next milestone, 600 Vpps. I'm super late, but there is no point in looking back, the only thing that matters is what I can do from here on.

Athens is quite an expensive city, so I decided to come back to Portugal, since I can have a better quality of life with the same amount of money. Nevertheless, it was an interesting experience to live alone for 6 months in a country whose language I don't speak.

I have already found an appartment in Lisbon and the only thing missing is to take care of the furniture and the bureaucracy. I chose Lisbon to live in, because it has an airport in a central zone of the city and there are more opportunities of work/business for the future. I'd like to see if by the end of the month I will be able to have working conditions there, but I don't know if that is possible.

From now on, the password for the Summer league of will be posted on Facebook. Look for it and participate, all the tournaments give a ticket for the Sunday 1/4 Million for everyone that makes it to the final table!!!

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Marcial Wills said...

To become Supernova Elite it takes 1M VPPs during one year...

To keep the status you have to make 600K VPPs during the next year making sure to hit 50K VPPS per month??

Andre said...

I need to make 1 Million per year and until I get 1 Million in a year I need 50K Vpps per month. This year I have almost 600k, so missing a bit more than 400k VPPs