WSOP: Update

The past days I have been playing one day, resting one day. I went to see the fountain at the Bellagio and my girlfriend took this video:

At the hotel, apart from enjoying the swimming pool, I decided to give a try to the jacuzzi. It's great, because the heat outside is unpleasant, but the heat in there is pleasant. Does that make any sense? :P After leaving the jacuzzi it doesn't seem so hot outside. I think that most people don't go there cause they think it's a swimming pool for kids or sth like that...

I went with my girlfriend to the Venetian and we tried the Gondola ride, but I don't think it's worth what it costs.

As for Poker, it has been an interesting and different experience...

On the first day I was quite tired at the end of 4 hours and I didn't play much after that. The table was accessible and I was left with 6.000 chips (we start with 30.000). After that I reached 100k and I finished the day with 70k.

On the second day, I started at a more complicated table, where I only won one pot after 30 or 40 hands. After that, they changed my table and the new one was more pleasant. There were many passive players pre-flop and after a certain point they all avoided playing pots with me, which made it easier to accumulate chips. I only ate salads and fruit at the breaks. I don't know if it was because of the food or if I'm starting to get in a routine, but I managed to play concentrated through all of the day. Maybe when I go back to grinding I will have to eat light meals! I finished the day with 107k chips.

Since I made it to day 3, PokerStars extended my stay. A few more days at this room free of charge :) Changing the plane tickets was also very easy, I only opened the site of Continental, filled in the information and for 50 euros I changed my return flight. I will have to go shopping on Tuesday, cause I only bought enough clothes to make it to Monday :(


Today day 3 is starting with the blinds at 500-1000 and antes at 100. The structure is very good and it allows you to play quite a lot. The plan is to play tight and study the table, but when a spot appears where I'm sure that a loose play is good, I'll do it.

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WhiteShadow said...

"I will have to go shopping on Tuesday, cause I only bought enough clothes to make it to Monday" -> Haver you ever heard about something very esoteric called "washing"? :) :) :)

Enjoy your stay, André!

alexandra said...

Nice pics! I just got back from Vegas but I almost miss it when I see your pics :)
Hope you have a great time there too!