I arrived in Las Vegas on the 1rst of July and I didn't play a single hand of Poker for a week :P

I spent the first days at the outlets with my girlfriend, buying clothes at really low prices compared to the ones in Europe. I believe that it's not worth it to buy clothes in Europe and come to Las Vegas once or twice per year, the difference of the prices of clothes pays the trip...

I'm staying at Palms Place, in a room offered by PokerStars as part of the deal for the SNE. The room and the hotel are fantastic! I spent some hours at the swimming pool where it was great to read while enjoying the sun.

As for the food, I experimented with many types of restaurants, there is a bit of everything. What you really need here is money, cause the prices here are a bit higher than in Portugal. Another thing that makes life here more expensive is giving tips, but from what they've told me it's necessary cause without the tips the employees don't make enough for a living... Which makes me think... If nobody was leaving a tip, the restaurants wouldn't have anyone to work almost for free and they would have to pay more to their employees. That way there wouldn't be the need of leaving a tip and in reality the one that would benefit would not be the employees that in any case make less money than their employers, but the employers themselves who would charge their clients more in order to pay their staff. Anyway... it's not that the system will change if I don't give any tips, so I go with the flow...

Unfortunately, here it's even hotter than in Athens and more dry too, so there was a day where I spent more money on water than what I spent on food (one bottle of water costs $1.5-3 in the street).

Pokerstars also offered a helicopter ride (for the SuperNova+), where you could see Vegas from above. I had never been on a helicopter before and it was an amazing experience! Maybe one day I will learn how to fly them :P

As for the first day of the Main Event, I didn't have many expectations. The plan was to go there, try to play as I know and gain a bit from the experience. It's bad that 30% of the prize goes to American tax, I basically pay $10k to play a tournament of $7k, losing $3k in the process. However, I see this as holidays and considering the deal with PokerStars and what I save on clothes, it should be a situation where I'm almost break even...

Here are some pictures:

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