60 Days $60000 Days 47 and 48

Challenge: 60 Days $60000

On day 47 I only played 2 hours just to reach 500k VPPs.

In order to finish in September I am about one month and a half late, in order to finish in December I am half a month late. I don't worry too much about it cause I could do it in 50 days of work if it was absolutely necessary...

I have been playing less the past few days, about half of normal. From time to time I feel the need to spend some days thinking, relaxing, etc, without working many hours. It's a luxury that I allow to myself and I believe it helps me progress in life. In any case, during the 2 weeks that follow I will go back to normal schedule as far as working hours are concerned.

On day 38 the temperature was 38 degrees and in the end I reached a point where the heat was stronger than my laziness. I walked 10 minutes to the closest Mediamarkt and I bought a fan.

I am quite lazy when it comes to anything that involves me moving, it always has been like that and always will be. On the other hand, I like to think, preferably lying down and with my eyes closed. The majority of people prefer the opposite, they need to be always on the move, they think that "stoping is dying" and they are lazy when it comes to thinking. Being different than the majority is a good or a bad thing? I'm expecting your comments on that!

Graphic of the challenge:

Blue Line: Total
Green Line: Results pre-rakeback
Red Line: Ignore

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