60 Days $60000 Day 45

Challenge: 60 Days $60000

On day 45 I played 4 hours. I wanted to play 8, but I had chinese food for dinner and I was feeling sleepy after. When I woke up there weren't any games :(

I reached 75% of the challenge, so I'm slightlly ahead of pace, which is great, now I need to keep the same rythm and try to finish the challenge on time.

Tomorrow I should reach 500k VPPs, or 50% of SNE, I'm falling behind on pace since I should finish in October, but we'll see how that goes...

I was impressed with "PokerStars.Net The Big Game", the first episode was very good and it gave me the impression that everyone that was present was enjoying it more than at other programs. This made it more interesting and fun to watch.

For whoever hasn't already watched it:

Video coming soon

Graphic of the challenge:

Blue Line: Total
Green Line: Results pre-rakeback
Red Line: Ignore

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