60 Days $60000 Day 38

Challenge: 60 Days $60000

That day didn't go very well but it wasn't terrible either, I lost around 10 buy-ins at the higher stake... On one hand I would like to keep playing the $220s and $400s, but in order to play 1000 of the $400 ones I need a year and the games change a lot during a year. So how and when am I going to know if I'm a winner or not? A reason to play them would be that there aren't always enough $88 games, but if I'm not a winner at the higher stakes they can't serve as fillers... Handling everything is more complicated than it seems.

The previous day I cut down on anything that had cafeine, and that cost me a bit while playing since I could only do sessions of 1 to 1:30 hours with half hour pauses in between two sessions. However, I slept better at night and I woke up a bit earlier.

Graphic of the challenge:

Blue Line: Total
Green Line: Results pre-rakeback
Red Line: Ignore

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