Summer league of

The blog tournaments were created for the readers of my blog and have had a great success so far. Now is the time to reward the regular readers of the blog as well, by creating the "Summer league of".

The league is going to be a series of 13 tournaments during June, July and August with the following caracteristics:

-The tournament is always on Sundays at 21:30 GMT.
-The buy-in is always $5,5.
-The format is always NL Hold'em.
-Whoever makes the final table receives a ticket for the Sunday 1/4 Million that will be credited to their account by Pokerstars during the week following my blog tournament.

Whenever someone makes a money finish in the tournament, they also will earn a number of points equal to their prize. If they make it to the final table, they will earn an additional 11 points.

At the end of all 13 tournaments, PokerStars is going to give to the top 3 players with the most points the following prizes:

1st place: Ticket of $215
2nd place: Ticket of $55
3rd place: Ticket of $11

These tickets can be used on PokerStars in any tournament with the corresponding buy-in.

In case of a draw, the 1st criteria of a tie breaker will be the best result at a tournament (of awarded points) and if there is still a draw, the 2nd criteria will be who got that result more recently.

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