Since I get the same questions from different people quite often, I decided to make a section with the most frequently asked questions and their answers.

Q: Why are you doing hyper-turbos multi-tabling? Is it possible to exchange the ticket for money?
A: I don't win tickets, I win entries and it is possible to unregister and get t$215. It is also possible to use t$ in any type of tournament.

Q: At the hyper-turbos you only get t$, what do you do with so much t$?
A: The buy-ins of the hyper-turbos are always paid in t$, but when I finish in 3rd place I receive $, so I never end up with much t$ since the 3rd places convert t$ in $.

Q: I have a blog, what do I have to do to have a link in the blogroll of your blog?
A: All you have to do is add my blog to your blogroll and leave the adress of your blog in a comment.

Q: How can I get the passwords for the tournaments of the blog?
A: They are posted a few days before the tournament on Facebook.

Q: I won a satellite and I have $t for sale, are you interested in buying it?
A: Yes, I buy $t. I charge $1 for exchanging up to t$530. If you are interested, iniciate an exchange and send me a mail with the information. Ex.: "sn: kidpoker3, t$215, $214".

This FAQ is going to be updated every time that I get new questions.

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