60 Days $60000 Days 30 and 31

Challenge: 60 Days $60000

On Monday, I spent my time reviewing the details of the Summer League of andrecoimbra.com, creating the tournaments, writing posts on my blog and inviting the pros. I believe we are good to go!

On Tuesday, I went to watch Rihanna's concert at Olympiacos' stadium. I think it was a bit unorganized, cause the ticket only mentionned the time that the doors would open and not the time that the concert would start. Rihanna only started singing 3-4 hours after the time that we could enter the stadium so it was a bore. As for the music itself, I like some of her songs, but I really enjoyed only a couple of the ones I heard at the concert. In any case, I wasn't very disapointed cause I didn't expect much...

As for Magic: The Gathering, I didn't play Pro Tour San Juan and it was the first time that I missed a Pro Tour while being qualified for it. To attend Pro Tour San Juan I would waste at least two weeks, because I need to adjust to the different time zone when I go and when I come back. Considering what I make at this moment playing Poker, I thought it would be silly to go. I was happy when I checked the coverage and I saw that PV won, cause he is an excellent player (much more than I am) and he is one of the people that dedicate most of all to the game. I believe he deserved the victory!

Now back to what really interests us... The Challenge!

I won't put a graphic in this post since I don't usually put them in the posts of the days that I don't play, but next time I will put both of the graphics as you asked in the comments.

I'm already past the middle of the time and I have a profit of $43K, so I'm only missing $17 to complete the challenge, but I'm confident that I will be able to make it before the deadline. This month I learnt A LOT about Hyper-Turbos and I was able to determine the number of tables that is best for me to play, which is great!
There are still some situations that happen quite often and I have doubts, but I'm studying those. It's possible that I start playing higher stakes in a few days, let's see how that goes :)

Ah... May has been my most profitable month of playing Poker of all time! I still have to win a bit more to win as much as my most profitable month playing Magic: The Gathering ( I won $45K in a tournament) :P

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