60 Days $60000

60 Days $60000


This week I was reading the blog of my team colleague Dusty "leatherass" Schmidt and in his last post he said that he was going to tend to win $100000 until the WSOP. It seems like a good idea to try to do something similar and share the experience with my blog readers.


There are 60 days left until the end of June and in these 60 days I will try to get a profit of $60000, playing exclusively on Pokerstars.


I will use my registration in holdem manager to control the balance of 60 days, because sharkscope doesn't include all the hyper-turbos and I want all the tournaments to count. I will take full advantage of the VIP system of Pokerstars and I will count all the money that comes from there such as Rakeback, that we will assume to be 63% of the Rake I spend at the games I play. This Rakeback will also count as profit. Everything that I play online will count, no matter if it's a sit-n-go, cash game or multi-table-tournament. This way, the only thing that I have to focus on is my hourly rate!


I don't intend to play more than 40 hours per week, but it is likely to happen in the last days of June, in case I am slightly late for the challenge. I believe that the most important thing will be to study, since I have to increase my ROI (Return of Investment) a bit.


I guess nobody would like to bed against me, but if someone does… until 9th of May I accept 1-1 starting from $100. In any case, to get more motivated (not that $60K is not enough as motivation :P) I will do the following depending on my results:


<$50000: I have to study 40 hours before playing another sit-n-go

>$60000: I will buy a new mobile phone with Internet (sometimes it comes in handy!)


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NicP said...

Good luck :)

Unknown said...

hahha, i think u play very well and the luck is with you.
Cu at the tables, andre.


Andre said...

NicP: Thank you :)

ElCanalla: Cu at the tables :)