60 Days $60000 Days 19-20

hallenge: 60 Days $60000

On the 19th day I didn't do anything pokerwise and on the 20th day I played 6 hours but it went slightly bad.. However, I was playing without really feeling like it and I guess it reflected at the results. I was lacking motivation to play those days. I imagine that some people will be thinking something like "poor guy... he only made $25k this month" in a very ironic tone, but what I do is a bit monotonous and sometimes I don't feel like doing anything for a few days. Despite my "sins", the 20th day was a Saturday and the next would be a Sunday which happen to be the 2 most profitable days of the week, so I was counting on playing a few more hours that particular day and a lot more on the following, but that's what it means to be professional, isn't it? :)

Graphic of the challenge:

Blue Line: Total
Green Line: Results pre-Rakeback

I also invaded the portuguese lobby of PokerStars :)

PokerStars and the fans have been treating me very well. It's fantastic to be a member of the Online PokerStars team, I feel like signing a contract with them is for the world of Poker the equivalent of getting a contract with Real Madrid in the world of football!

We write our future!

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