60 Days $60000 Day 3

Challenge: 60 Days $60000

This day, once again scoop tournaments did not go well. I played the HU one without intending to, I probably won a hyper-turbo for it and forgot to unregister, so I played it while being tired. In the other two, I lost during the first hands where in one the situation was set over set (999 vs KKK) and in the other one JJ vs AA.

At the hyper turbos, I played the $55, $70, $80 and $90 again. I will stop playing the $55 ones, I think I'm affected by the structure since they only pay the first two places ( the ICM is different).

In total, on day 3 of the challenge I played 4 hours, I had to do a livecast for PokerStars and an interview for a Portuguese newspaper. I was feeling extremely tired so I planned to cut down on the mtts a bit and put more effort to my challenge, because I felt that I couldn't play sngs and mtts in the same day. The only mtt that I was going to play would be Day16 of the Main event of $109 and $1050 and up to those I would try to take full advantage of the hyper-turbos that are more accessible than normal.

Graphic of the challenge:
Blue Line: Total
Green Line: Results pre-rakeback

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