60 Days $60000 Day 21

Challenge: 60 Days $60000

Yesterday I played 5 hours 20tabling in tiles and it was one of those days where you just can't win, but I had a good attitude from the beggining and it went well. I think what costs you more is the first day of losing, the second one is easier :)

Today is the day that I work the most during the week, it is possible to win a lot, so I hope it will go well :)

Graphic of the challenge:

Blue Line: Total
Green Line: Results pre-Rakeback


Anonymous said...

how many hypers have you played total so far for your challenge?

Andre said...

almost 10k

Anonymous said...

Very nice, keep up the good work, and gl!!

Unknown said...

Coimbra podes me ajudar a divulgar meu torneio????


Andre said...

Tiago: portuguese: http://www.ocantinhodocoimbra.com/

Anonymous said...

please show ev line in your graph. i want to see how much god runs like you

Andre said...

I will put the ev line on the next posts!

Nichoel said...

Nice work Andre, keep it up :)

Andre said...

Nichoel: Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hi André,

Thinking about starting at the lowest limits with these super turbo's. Hope you can give me a helpfull answere on my question.

I got on this site and they gave a push ranges for position in the level 300/30
EP (8): TT, AK
EP (7): TT, AK

But when i let nash calculator give me an answere. It comes up with: 9.2%, TT+ A9s+ A5s AJo+ KTs+ KQo QTs+

What do you recommend?
Thanks in advance.
Best Regards, Arjan