60 Days $60000 Day 15

Challenge: 60 Days $60000

I played the satellite hyper-turbos for the scoop-31m for a few hours and then satellites for higher tournaments. Unfortunately, I bubbled 3 or 4 satellites that gave 4 digit prizes to the next finishing place and that affected a lot my results for the day. I also played the low and medium main event: I finished itm at the low and I lost early at the medium.

For whoever watched me play that day, the play where I called vs 2 players with 99s was a mistake... The range of the player with 30BB was something like TT+, AQ+, so I needed AK/AKs, JJ+/QQ+. It was a very interesting experience playing that $109 tournament. Some plays worked, some others didn't, but I played quite a bit and I think that is the level for me. If I wanted to play mtts regularly and get better, I believe I could start at the $109/$215 until I managed to beat that level. It's not easy to write this, but at this moment I am sure that I'm a losing player in any field of $530+ online mtts. I think I can get to be a winning player at this format, but only if I dedicate myself to it and at this point that would be a stupid thing to do with the values that I am winning while playing my sngs.

I am going to stop playing the Sunday Million on Sundays since it starts at 23:30 greek time and it seriously affects my working schedule.

In relation to the challenge... I have already passed 25% of the time and it's a good time to have a look at the numbers and what happened until now. I have a profit of about 18k, or 30% of 60k, that are excellent numbers, but right now a new phase of the challenge is going to start. It is going to be more difficult to keep up the pace cause there won't be any $90 satellites for the scoop tournaments. Until the end of the month I will not play any satellites of more than $200, in order to reduce the variance. That is because I need to make a table selection for those and the sample that I play is very small.

Graphic of the challenge:

Blue Line: Total
Green Line: Results pre-Rakeback

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