Special $3.3 tournament for readers!

Last week I kept the pace on my hyper-turbos grinding and the results were good.

This year played 11887 $87.72/$88 tournaments so far and I'm up $7955.
Also played 571 $216.24/$220 tournaments so far and I'm down $5752 at these.

The numbers might not seem very exciting, but I'm getting a ton of VPPs and FPPs. If at the end of the year I am even on the hyper-turbos I will be extremely happy, as the Supernova Elite benefits are worth 6 digits per year!

Currently I have around 205k VPPs and the plan is to have 650 VPPs by the end of June. Will be quite a grind, but I'm very motivated.

Didn't have any exciting scores at the big online mtts, but I'm sure that if I keep playing, studying and improving, they will come at some point.

Every Sunday I've been hosting an online tournament on PokerStars for my Portuguese blog and has been a big success. Last week I had 147 players, including some members of Team PokerStars Pro and nanonoko won!

He posted two videos on youtube explaining his plays:

Video 1
Video 2

Next Sunday the tournament will be open for the readers of my English blog as well. The tournament will start at the same time as the Sunday Million, will have a $3.3 Buy-in and there will be a special prize for the final table. Everyone that makes the final table will be credited by PokerStars with a Sunday 1/4 Million ticket during the following week.

On PokerStars lobby go to "Request/Find a tournament..." or press ctrl+T

ID: 260977053
Password: comdotcoimbraandre

See you guys at the tables!


Nichoel said...

Hey Andre ~

Thanks for the kind words (on my blog):) Your tournament sounds awesome ... love the special prize! I have already signed up. I am going skiing this weekend, so I may show up late. But I'll be there as soon as I get off the slopes. Also, great work on your VPPs ... you are motivating me to get my butt in gear!


Anonymous said...

Hi Andre! Yesterday play your tournament and finished at 6 place. Will i have a ticket at 1/4 tournament? Nick RUS)Timur

Andre said...

RUS)Timur: Congrats! Yes, you will get it until the end of the week. Thank you for playing my tournament.

Anonymous said...

Hi andre i've admired u since u play mtg i remembered when u made the worlds at 2005 i was 15 at that time and i netdecked u and had good results with ur deck. its nice to see u r doing good at poker and reach supernova elite
i also play on pokerstars and grind low stakes sng $16 and $27s my id is g3r4rd0x im planning to switch hyper turbos i have the bankroll for the 88s but not the skill with so many top regs like u in them so i am planning to play the $44s but first study some $9s in sng wiz to get used to, my question is how do u study them since the structure isnt in sng wiz? and 100 buy ins is good enough for the 44s or should i use 200 buy ins? thx

Andre said...

g3r4rd0x: Thank you. The deck from 2005 wasn't very good, I made it in my hotel room in the day before :(
Regarding the hts, 100 buy-ins is not enough and I wouldn't recommend to play them without being Supernova at least, since the rois are really low. You can create your own structures at sngwiz... The $27 and $38 18man/45man are extremely profitables pre-rakeback, you should probably play these if you are not supernova. GL