Selling shares to EPT Monte Carlo Main Event... No Markup

EPT Monte Carlo

I'm looking to sell shares of myself for the EPT Monte Carlo Main Event.
I am selling pieces at even money in chunks of €106 / $145 and I am looking to sell up to 70% of my action. I will play the event regardless of how much I sell though.
If you are interested, ship the money to acoimbra on PokerStars and I will list everyone that buys action on my blogs posts until I stop selling.

Blog Tournament

Congratulations to marcof3 for winning last weeks tournament! 
Next Sunday the blog tournament will start 1h after the Sunday Warmup, will have a $3.3 Buy-in and there will be a special prize for the final table. Everyone that makes the final table will be credited by PokerStars with a Sunday 1/4 Million ticket during the following week.

On PokerStars lobby go to "Request/Find a tournament..." or press ctrl+T

ID: 263266109
Password: cantinho

Have been doing well at the hyper-turbos left, played 1530 two days ago and was interesting, but tiring! I've been studying them more and more and I will probably give a try to the $220s next week.

EPT Montecarlo

30%: Jorj95
5%: Daee

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Juan Miguel Barbero said...

go andre, see you in your tournament