Since my last post I went to San Diego to play the MTG Pro Tour.
For the first time I did 0-4 drop, but it didn't really bother me. I blame lack of practice and timezone difference for the result.

Then I spent 1 week in Las Vegas for MTT coaching, which was very helpful, since I was missing a general strategy for mtts. I didn't do well at last Sunday events, but I was insanely jetlagged, so I guess that it was normal. I will probably do better next Sunday, if not, the Sunday after and if not... you got my point :)

During March I plan to learn how to play the hyper turbo satellites on PokerStars and I will give up if I don't like my results after 5000 sngs or if I lose 200 buy-ins. The plan is to play and review everything on sngwizard.

I will try to post on a weekly basis in this blog.

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