Last weekend I made it in to the money on the Sunday Million and have been grinding hyper-turbo sattelites.

Played 7364 $87.72 tournaments so far and I'm up $7286.
Played 287 $216.24 tournaments so far and I'm down $1535 at those.

Yesterday managed to play 1000 tournaments in 8.1 hours!
I think that's only possible to do at PokerStars, other rooms have worse software for multitable and less traffic on these stakes.

I will keep grinding the $87.72 and $216.24 during the next week, as I get many VPPs playing these and I want to get 1M VPPs by the 1st of October, in order to not get downgraded to SuperNova this year.

This Sunday I will play the Sunday Warmup, Sunday Million, Turbo Takedown and Battle of the Planets (have 12 tickets :P). See you guys on the tables!


Anonymous said...

hi andre,
greetings from germany ! see you at the hyper-turbos!

best regards

hartlis1 said...

Hey Acoimbra,

Any particular reason that you were spiting me all day yesterday?

Just curious,

Andre said...

outlendoulen: ty see you at the hts :)

hartlis1: I dont spite call anyone, really. I just call insanely wide!