Hyper Turbos

Lately I've been playing the hyper-turbo sattelites from Monday to Friday and The PokerStars Sunday Multi-Table Tournaments.

Didn't get any good score at the MTTs and after 2266 HT I'm down $2866 (not counting my fpps), so haven't been doing well this month so far.

I will play more 2734 hts and then decide if I want to keep playing or not. Regarding the MTT, I'm getting better, but they are really hard and the variance is huge because I play mostly big fields.

Feel free to leave a comment on my blog, I will try to reply to all the questions :)


Viti14 said...

how many sits do you need for know your true ROI?
In 45 players
In 180 players
In 18 players
In 6 hyperturbo satelllites

Andre said...

Read this: http://jhub3000.livejournal.com/84368.html

Anonymous said...

Olá André, jogo poker há alguns anos.. só tenho apenas 18 anos, mas já tive bons resultados, e por isso já tirei algum dinheiro.
Costumo ver-te a jogar na pokerstars, e penso que te safas no sit'n'gos.
Eu neste momento, ando nos sits de 6.. e tenho-me safado.
Agora vejo que andas a jogar hyper-turbos... mas quais? aqueles de 87$? Gostaria de compartilhar alguma coisa contigo.. e se puderes podias enviar-me o teu email ou outro contacto.

abraço, Cristiano

Andre said...

Olá Cristiano,
sim, os de $87 :)
Em relação ao contacto é andrebritocoimbra@gmail.com

Sly said...

Hi Andre,

It's nice to follow your results! I took a look to you portugese blog and there is a lot of post but unfortunately, i don't read portugese ;)

Well, thank you to post in english. I would have a lot of question! I'm playing SNG too but at low limit. I was wondering how many tables are you playing at the same time in general?

And can you tell us what is the difference in the way of playing between hyperturbo SNG and turbo ones?



Andre said...

Hi Sly,

You should try google translator, it isn't perfect but is as good as it gets :)

Right now I'm 12tabling, but I've played as many as 24 in the past. The trick is to start small and as you make the plays faster start slowly increasing the number of tables.

Hyper-turbos don't get much post flop play, it's mostly about <=10BB pre-flop play and the antes are huge compared to the blinds.

You are welcome and GL :)

Viti14 said...

a) what program is optimal for work in sng plays.
I have sits and goes wizard but i dont know it is optimal for 45,180 players. what is better? put the option independent chip model or $, so option c or dollar.?

Andre said...

Viti14: The optimal play for these should be somewhere between ICM and $, because ICM isn't a perfect model. People usually recommend $ until the final table and then ICM.