Last weekend I made it in to the money on the Sunday Million and have been grinding hyper-turbo sattelites.

Played 7364 $87.72 tournaments so far and I'm up $7286.
Played 287 $216.24 tournaments so far and I'm down $1535 at those.

Yesterday managed to play 1000 tournaments in 8.1 hours!
I think that's only possible to do at PokerStars, other rooms have worse software for multitable and less traffic on these stakes.

I will keep grinding the $87.72 and $216.24 during the next week, as I get many VPPs playing these and I want to get 1M VPPs by the 1st of October, in order to not get downgraded to SuperNova this year.

This Sunday I will play the Sunday Warmup, Sunday Million, Turbo Takedown and Battle of the Planets (have 12 tickets :P). See you guys on the tables!

Hyper Turbos

Lately I've been playing the hyper-turbo sattelites from Monday to Friday and The PokerStars Sunday Multi-Table Tournaments.

Didn't get any good score at the MTTs and after 2266 HT I'm down $2866 (not counting my fpps), so haven't been doing well this month so far.

I will play more 2734 hts and then decide if I want to keep playing or not. Regarding the MTT, I'm getting better, but they are really hard and the variance is huge because I play mostly big fields.

Feel free to leave a comment on my blog, I will try to reply to all the questions :)


Since my last post I went to San Diego to play the MTG Pro Tour.
For the first time I did 0-4 drop, but it didn't really bother me. I blame lack of practice and timezone difference for the result.

Then I spent 1 week in Las Vegas for MTT coaching, which was very helpful, since I was missing a general strategy for mtts. I didn't do well at last Sunday events, but I was insanely jetlagged, so I guess that it was normal. I will probably do better next Sunday, if not, the Sunday after and if not... you got my point :)

During March I plan to learn how to play the hyper turbo satellites on PokerStars and I will give up if I don't like my results after 5000 sngs or if I lose 200 buy-ins. The plan is to play and review everything on sngwizard.

I will try to post on a weekly basis in this blog.