I arrived Saturday night from Japan. The journey was super-tiring and I even had to be in Europe a lot of time waiting for the connection flight that was late due to snow. I'm still a bit jetlagged... like waking up at 3 in the morning feeling hungry and awake :'( As for food, my first meal after coming back was a soup and a grilled fish with baked potatoes... I like japanese food a lot as long as it's not raw, but my stomach doesn't get along with it... So I was dying for a meal "à la portuguese" :)

On Sunday I decided not to play, even as I was seeing games at the lobby with 5-6 non-regulars. Holidays are holidays and I need to rest and plan 2011. In January I'll start again with more strength!

Katerina and I decided to spend Christmas each one with their family, since above all this is family time. After eating japanese food for two weeks, the idea of spending Christmas in Portugal and eating nice codfish on Christmas Eve, goatling on Christmas, etc etc is sooooooooooo appealing! eheh

In relation to Poker, I think this is a good time to look behind and take a look at the numbers of the last 3 years. The graphics are only referring to sngs above $1, so they do not take into account the sngs where I payed the entry fee with FPPs, since that is considered part of the rakeback. Or to put it in other words... they are graphics pre-rb.

Graphic 2008
Numbers 2008

#sngs: 15,069
AvgRoi: 7%
AvgStake: $16
Profit: +$14916
Rake: $18,239

Graphic 2009

Numbers 2009

#sngs: 30,683
AvgRoi: 1%
Profit: -$10,441
Rake: Aproximadamente $200,000

Graphic 2010

Numbers 2010

#sngs: 87,410
AvgRoi: 1%
AvgStake: $94
Profit: +$44,143
Rake: $179,537

2008 was when I finished my studies in September and started playing professionally. I had excellent results at the stakes I was playing and I managed to reach SuperNova.

2009 was the year that I decided to reach SuperNova Elite, I was positive for the biggest part of the year, but the last 2 months I was still missing $50k in rake and I lost around $30k playing high stakes sngs to be able to reach my goal. I finished the year negative on sharkscope, but considering the benefits of SNE it was still a good year, and much better than 2008 on a financial level.

2010 was a year that was quite different, cause I started being a member of team online and I also played some live tournaments, as a result of the packages that I had from SNE. As I didn't know what exactly PokerStars was expecting of me and I didn't know what to expect out of live tournaments, I ended up spending a big part of the year without well outlined goals. I invested some time to play the hyper-turbo satellites and everything turned out well, with me having even better results than in 2009. It's also worth mentionning that I earned more money, playing around 50-60% of the hours that I played in 2008. Or in other words, I increased my hourly rate and my quality of life, having more time to do the things I like.

For whoever is not familiar with what I'm talking about... the advantages of being Supernova are equal to 33-48% of rakeback and Supernova Elite 63-64% of rakeback. You can get more information here.

Where I have been losing money, are the online mtts. But it's normal... I can't expect good results when I only play tournaments with many players only after having worked 8 hours. Basically... I'm exhausted when I start playing them, which is why I can't get any big results. However, in 2011 I'm going to cut down on the online mtts since they don't fit in my working plan.

This post was a bit more based on the numbers, but I think that if we know how to read the numbers they tell us interesting stories and that's the kind of reading I was trying to give you.

I hope you liked this post. I still need to think a bit better about my goals for 2011, but when I have a concrete plan I will share it on the blog. If I don't write any posts in the meanwhile, I wish Merry Christmas to all readers, full of presents and joy :)

Many Royal Flush for everyone! ^^

Goodbye magic!

Saturday, 11th December 2010

This post is for whoever plays magic.

During the past years I gave a lot of myself to Magic. When I was in university, I spent more time travelling around the world to play tournaments, than in class. Some professors were worried about me, and they were sometimes expressing their distaste that I wasn't achieving my academic potential. Gradually, I stopped playing magic competively, and started playing Poker to pay my expenses and finish my studies. In retrospective, I don't regret anything, because this is what made me who I am today and I think I'm in a positive situation.
Eventually I finished my studies and started playing Poker full time, leaving magic completely to the side. At the culminate point of grinding for SNE in 2009 I was exhausted of all that grinding and that's when I decided to play my "last big championship of magic". At a point where I obviously didn't have any type of expectactions, I ended up winning and being the first Portuguese to bring the title of world champion of MTG to our beloved Portugal.
During a year I was the current champion, I couldn't play a lot of tournaments, given my work, but when they asked me for an interview I always accepted and I contributed so as not only to promote the game, but also to give the best possible idea about it. Today this period comes to an end an I will be from now on referred to as "ex-world champion" or "2009 world champion". I hope that all the fans of the game have been satisfied with my work to promote the game and to put Portugal in gold letters in its history.

At this moment, I'm not qualified for anything. My ranking shouldn't even be enough for the national championship and I also don't have any motivation to start over from scratch. Competitive magic is a chapter of my life that I look back to with joy, but that is part of the past.

Goodbye :)


My last post was short, and maybe I was a bit "arrogant" at that title. The truth is that I was trying to be as optimistic as possible cause I was feeling slightly bad.

I have been making it ITM at one out of every 3 live tournaments I play, or something like that, which is great, but the truth is that I've been quited disappointed with myself. I have been making a lot of mistakes that I shouldn't be doing, things that I know are wrong, but I leave that inner voice influence my play... And the truth is that if it hadn't been for those mistakes, I would have already have made it further in various tournaments!

I think that even with my mistakes, the tournaments of 1,000 have a positive expected value for me, but I could have some 1rst wins! At those of 5,000 I think that I will only have a positive expected value when I managed to increase my self-control while playing live 1tabling ('s boring!). I think that what's important for the future is that my goal is not to win X, or have Y result, but rather... to always or almost always make the play I think is correct.

I already have an idea of what I want to play live during next year, but for now I won't write much on this subject, apart from the fact that I'm not going to play the PCA or the next EPTs. The next live tournament for me should be EPT Berlin in April! In any case... I will announce my plans for 2011 at the end of December or beginning of January :)

On Sunday I played less hours than normal and only 16 tables at the same time, cause I had the flu and I wasn't able to think. I'm missing 47K VPPs for the 1,000,000 VPPs. I won't play the $220s, but maybe I'll play the $130s if the games are not bad.

At the Sunday Warmup I was doing well, but at the last 3 hands that I lost, I lost a coin-flip allin pre flop and I got 2 sets on the flop while already being pot-comitted. However, I felt really well about the way I played :)

You can see me at PokerStars going allin to win the last points for SNE, I will play mostly16 tables at the same time, to stand more hours of play.

FPPS for charity:  619,534($9,992)

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Another final table

I got 5th at the 1100 NLHE of 2 days, winning 7100 :)

I have a cold, so I don't know if it's possible for me to grind, but we'll see...

FPPS for charity:  

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